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or scan the QR code:

Text Give and the amount (e.g. "Give 50") to (478) 241 -2660.  An automated response will send you a link to the secure giving form.

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Tithes, offerings and/or donations may be mailed to:


PO Box 1464

Forsyth, GA 31029-1464

Online/Mobile Form Instructions:

  1. Enter or update the amount that you'd like to give.

  2. Enter or update the fund you'd like to give towards.

  3. If you would like to give towards an additional fund, click on + Add another fund and repeat steps 2 then 1.

  4. Enter your email.

  5. Enter your credit/debit information, or your ACH/eCheck information.  

  6. (Optional) Update reoccurring gifts options if you wish to routinely give.

  7. (Optional) Leave a comment with your gift.

  8. Click Give.  You will recieve an email receipt for your gift.

  • Electronic giving is being facilitated by Faithlife. 

  • A Faithlife account is not required to give, however if you would like to setup routine giving, an account will help facilitate your desired giving.

  • Transaction fees are required to complete electronic giving. You can opt to either pay these fees yourself or have them deducted from your gift.  The fee rates are 3% + 45¢ for credit/debit and 1% + 45¢ for ACH/eCheck.

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